Infrared Surveys


Safe, cost-effective way to understand the condition of your building.

Infrared surveys are a proven way to detect early impending failures. This reduces risk and increases operational safety. Having an infrared survey completed protects against larger disasters and provides a clear peace of mind. Our scans show the overall condition of your building. They also show cracks, leaks and areas where energy is being wasted.
  • Roof Moisture Survey Our diagnostic information can show you exactly where the damage to your roofing system is and how severe it could potentially be. This will allow for completely accurate solutions to be generated. These surveys are perfect for putting together a serious maintenance strategy.
  • High-Resolution Infrared Imaging Cameras Our state-of-the-art equipment can locate trapped moisture in your roofing system. Wet areas are then marked to show you exactly where repairs need to be completed. These thermal scans allow you to see exactly where the damages are and how severe they could be.
  • Detailed Reports We create professional reports documenting exactly where the moisture is located. We design our reports so that owners and roofing professionals can use this information to verify wet areas, write their insurance reports accurately, and verify warranty issues and coverage.
  • Creating Maintenance Strategies These systems are critical when it comes to identifying the main cause of leaks, repairs or damages. This fully enables our team to suggest ways of fixing the issues and figure out what strategies will guarantee a long-term solution.

Enclosure Problem Solvers

We’re committed to assisting all of our clients with their repair and building enclosure needs through design and field testing.

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