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Our No. 1 Question: Why WTCG?

We have over 39 years of experience in bringing our clients cost effective value to their roofing and building envelope design and repair needs.
Experienced Team
Our team consists of experts in a variety of disciplines. From forensics and testing to design and construction—we can do it all. Our Registered Roof Consultants and LEED Accredited Professionals have the tools and knowledge to deliver trusted research through our laboratory services.
We have decades of experience in roof consulting and building envelope design. Our clients depend on us to deliver cost effective value to them on all of their projects. With us, you receive high-quality, professional project delivery and the utmost of care when it comes to your buildings.
Time and time again, we have proven to lower overall costs for all of our clients. This includes initial costs, life cycle costs, energy costs and maintenance costs. It’s our goal to not only protect your building and its occupants, but to ensure that it’s done in the most cost effective way possible.
Superior Performance
You can trust in our services. We’re known for our attention to detail and thorough workmanship in all of our multiple consultant locations. Detailed roof and building analysis, thorough design services and meticulous construction quality assurance inspections are just some of the benefits of working with us.
Full Service Organization
We have a wide variety of expertise. From asset assessment and design development, to roof and building system analysis, we truly do it all. With our in-house laboratory, infrared and capacitance moisture equipment and high-tech CAD department, we’re able to provide every service you may need.

Enclosure Problem Solvers

We’re committed to assisting all of our clients with their repair and building enclosure needs through design and field testing.

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