Construction Management & Quality Assurance


Ensures full quality of roofing materials and workmanship.

Detailed quality assurance programs enable us to review reports of all activity throughout the entire construction process. Field observation allows us to assess compliance with certain specifications and to make sure everything is running smoothly and going according to plan.
  • Constructability Review An overview of plans, specifications, and contractor/manufacturer submittals to minimize field problems and aid in the interpretation of design prior to the initiation of construction.
  • Preconstruction Conference To review plans, specifications, details, application requirements and responsibilities of all involved parties whose workmanship or materials impact the quality of the roofing system.
  • Field Observation To assess compliance with the plans and specifications and document materials and workmanship. This allows us to stay ahead of any possible problems during construction.
  • Quality Assurance Program Includes review of submittals, scheduled reports of construction activity, assessment of the contractor’s quality control efforts to determine contract compliance where owner quality control is not feasible.

Enclosure Problem Solvers

We’re committed to assisting all of our clients with their repair and building enclosure needs through design and field testing.

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