Laboratory Analysis and Testing


Fully equipped to handle all testing and analysis procedures.

Results you can count on. Our in-house capabilities meet all ASTM standards for roof testing and materials. We can perform all project quality assurance testing throughout the entire construction and repair process. We’ll analyze the moisture levels of your building materials, along with a complete analysis of your entire system.
  • ASTM Testing Roof and Materials Standards We can test your roof and building materials in-house to assure you that all meet ASTM standards. We’re familiar with all ASTM standards for roofing systems and building envelope components.
  • Project Quality Assurance Testing We’ll perform all construction defect forensic investigations and failure analysis to verify their quality. Our experts conduct this verification through roof sampling, laboratory analysis and further testing methods.
  • Performance Analysis of Roof Systems Various tests can be done to verify the performance level of your roofing system. If your system is not up to building standards, we’ll assist you with different options to strengthen the overall quality of your roof.
  • Moisture Analysis of Roof and Building Materials Catch moisture damage before it spreads. We’ll conduct numerous tests to assist in identifying any distress and moisture issues, and then we’ll deliver repair strategies to help correct any damages

Enclosure Problem Solvers

We’re committed to assisting all of our clients with their repair and building enclosure needs through design and field testing.

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